Oropel has always been a deeply personal endeavour of mine, from the very beginning. Coming from a finance background, I never really thought jewelry designing would be my calling. My family members who always nurtured my artistic side were already in the diamond business, which is why they particularly encouraged me to try jewelry designing. After seemingly endless experimentation, I discovered my love for designing. It became an extension of myself and I haven’t looked back ever since. With great passion and dedication, Oropel was conceived.
The exhilaration of doing what I love transformed me and made me feel like it was a part of my destiny. Over the course of these years, I discovered how magical the process of creation is and how gratifying it is to see a design on paper slowly evolve into a tangible piece of art. Every step in the journey of crafting jewelry is stunning in its own right.
At Oropel, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and customised with utmost attention to detail especially for you. Whether it’s the dawn of a new chapter or a beautiful milestone, you can find what resonates with your individualistic personality and be a part of this surreal process. From sun-soaked canary diamonds to ethereal blue sapphires, you can discern your gorgeously unique hue with Oropel.

Neeti Patwa

Step 1 : Interview

The individualistic process of creation begins with a fun meeting through which you can express what resonates with your personality, so we can capture your unique sense of style. At Oropel, we believe that every piece of jewelry is one of a kind and each design is created while bearing the marvellous journey of the wearer in mind. You can be the architect of your jewelry.

Step 2 : Sketching

After a fun meeting to understand what resonates with your personal sense of style, we create a sketch to map your imagination. The unique design on paper will meticulously reveal what the finished piece of jewelry will look like. This also gives you a chance to visualise it vividly and modify the design.

Step 3: Forging

Once your design is ready, the artisans bring it to life by forging it into fruition. The magical process of creation that began with just an idea begins to take tangible form by harnessing the primitive energy of fire and craftsmanship as experienced hands carefully manoeuvre the custom casts to lend form to the jewelry.

Step 4: Stone Setting

After the desired form is achieved, the craftsmen embed it with brilliant gems of your choice. We handpick the best gemstones to give your jewelry the most beautiful and vibrant glow.

Step 5: Buffing & Polishing

The final yet indispensable step is buffing and polishing as uneven bumps give the jewelry a raw, incomplete look. With their stunning artistry, Oropel’s craftsmen ensure that your jewelry possesses inimitable grandeur. The ensuing result is always filled with pure finesse and love.

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